The café is open...

We very much look forward to welcoming customers old and new through our doors to enjoy excellent coffee and fine food.

We have made several changes to the café to make it a safer place for our customers.  This includes things like fewer tables and chairs, table service and limits to the number of customers in the shop at any one time

Opening times are:

Mon - Fri  8.00 - 4.30 

Sat   8.30 - 4.30

Sun  9.00 - 3.00



We have a new menu which still includes the favourites but includes some fantastic new dishes which we are really excited about sharing with you.

Sandwiches, toasties and salads are also available to takeaway.

Breakfast Menu

Lunch Menu

Takeaway Menu



Our house coffee is Crow Tree roasted by award-winning speciality roasters Dark Woods of Slaithwaite (pronounced sla-wit) near Huddersfield and we also use their fabulous decaf Lamplight which uses the Swiss Water method – kinder to beans and kinder on the environment too.  We have a second hopper which plays host to a guest coffee, changing regularly so anyone wanting to explore speciality coffee can do so. We also stock retail bags of speciality coffee so new coffee adventures can be continued at home.

 Most of our wines come from smaller producers around the globe and our beer range includes ales from our local Horsforth Brewery and other super regional breweries as well as craft beers from the UK and Europe.