Cheeseboard Delivery

Pooky's brings cheese from the deli to you. We have created a Stay At Home Special for cheese lovers which can be enjoyed as a treat or as essential.  Either way, it's something to look forward to as those long evenings keep on coming. 

For only £20, 5 pieces of gorgeous cheese approx. 600g in total

How it works

We give you a selection of 7 cheeses and you choose your preferred 5 by clicking on each one in the list below and adding them into your basket. Once you have all 5, add the Cheeseboard Delivery as another item and it will total £20.

You can also upgrade to include wine, olives, crackers, chutney and anything else on the site which you fancy.  Go through the checkout, including a note for any specific requirements.

Then we deliver a cheese bundle to your door on Thursday evening between 4 and 7pm.

Cheese and wine will vary every week. For cheeseboard delivery on Thursday 30th April the selection is as follows:

    Lincolnshire Poacher

    Delices de crèmiers
    Colston Bassett stilton

    French Gruyère IGP
    Barbers 1833 Vintage Cheddar
    Sykes Fell Ewes
    Appleby's Cheshire

    Once you have 5 cheeses added into the basket, add your Cheeseboard Delivery before going through to checkout.

    Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. Please add any special requests for your via the Note section of the checkout.