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250g beans

Region - Bensa District, Sidama region, Ethiopia

Process - Washed - dry fermentation

Producer - Daye Bensa, Bombe washing station

Altitude - 2000-2400m

Variety - Heirloom

Tasting notes - Apricot jam, bergamot and vanilla with a rounded blossom honey body

This outstanding coffee is named after the Bombe Mountains where the majority of this lot is grown. The process for this coffee follows an innovative dry fermentation protocol and adds no water to the tank during fermentation, hence a “dry” fermentation. The dry fermentation involves letting the coffee seeds rest in climate-controlled fermentation tanks.
The coffee rests warm and dry which kickstarts fermentation faster than normal, activating esters during fermentation and resulting in a hearty, complex and notable fruit flavour. This process also uses a lot less water and has helped to promote environmental sustainability.

Sounds good right?  Tastes amazing.


Founded in 2018 in Leeds, Echelon is a small, speciality coffee roaster. Their goal is to ensure that all the hard work and dedication that the farmers in coffee-producing regions put into growing an exceptional product is fully expressed in your cup. Echelon work with coffee importers that adhere to the very highest ethical standards, with full traceability down to the level of individual households and smallholders.