Ethiopia Bookisa Natural


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250g Beans

Flavour profile: Nectarine | Mango | White Chocolate

Usually, natural processed beans are strikingly different to washed coffees with much less acidity and higher levels of body and sweetness. In the case of Ethiopian naturals, this is not always the reality – there is simply so much character already within the cup that those clean and complex notes are simply maximised, becoming more intense while maintaining some acidity but emphasising the sweetness.

This beautifully clean natural lot from the village of Bookisa in the Guji zone is overflowing with character. Being the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia always offers a little magic in the cup and this lot is no different.

Bookisa is full of summer with notes of juicy nectarine, jasmine florals and mango – there is a champagne-esque feel to the mouthfeel with sweet white chocolate on the finish. Outstanding!


Recommended for

  • Aeropress

  • Chemex

  • Pour Over