Brazil Fazenda Rainha Da Paz


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250g beans

A classic Brazilian coffee with smooth notes of milk chocolate, roasted hazelnuts and dates. Creamy and full bodied, this is the perfect coffee for those who like a little milk in their brew.

Flavours: Milk Chocolate | Date | Hazelnut

Location: Patrocinio, The Cerrado, Minas Gerais
Altitude: 950-1150 masl
Preparation: Natural
Varietal: Rubi
Owners: The Montanari Family

Marcelo Montanari’s innovation and experimentation knows no bounds. He leaves no stone unturned, meticulously studying every aspect of his farm and the processes he employs. Even his coffee trees are angled in such a way that maximises their exposure to sunlight! In addition, every varietal planted is there for a reason, ensuring that constant ripening and harvesting occurs year-round, allowing him to maximise yield and prevent bottle necks in processing that can take place on a coffee farm. This lot is a Rubi varietal which derives from the Mundo Novo and Catuai varietals – it is known to be high yielding and resistant to disease with good sweetness and complexity in the cup.

This is a crowd pleaser of a classic Brazilian coffee which represents all that is truly great about this mammoth producer where innovation and a drive to improve quality and environmental impact is met with the ability to action change.