Honduras (Beans)


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Flavours: Strawberry | Honey | Peach
Location: Santa Catarina, Intibucá
Altitude: 1,750 metres above sea level
Preparation: Natural
Varietal: Pache, Catuai, Lempira
Owners: Jose Nolasco

Amazing sweetness and character.

Finca Suita in Santa Catarina, Honduras is certified organically and is a model for diversity and efficient use of land. Coffee grows here at 1750 metres above sea level alongside grains and fruits (guava, peaches, oranges and apples) and also a pond for tilapia fish! Thanks to encouragement from his granddaughter Suita, Jose explored his capabilities this year of producing a naturally processed micro lot and, to his delight, achieved great success both in the cup profile and income he derived from its sale to North Star.