Triceratops Blackcurrant, Lime and Sorrel Gose


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440ml  4.8% ABV

The warrior Triceratops weighed between 6-8 tons. It defeated opponents with its frilled collar and three pointed horns.

A sour, salted, fruity wheat beer. Towards the end of fermentation, we've added copious amounts of Blackcurrant, Lime & Sorrel, for a beer that's fresh, fruity and packed full of flavour


Aeons ago, prehistoric reptiles roamed the Earth. They traversed the changing continents - some flying, some swimming - until a meteor crashed down to Earth and caused their extinction. In collaboration with the artist Anna Borup, we’ve brought four of these mysterious creatures back to life, each accompanying a fresh new beer.

The magnificent Pterodactyl is our hoppy pale ale, fresh and easy-drinking. We’ve made two IPAs this time - Stegosaurus is a smooth, oat-y beer and the other, the Parasaurolophus, is dank & juicy, with a delicate hit of coconut and lime peel. In the last of the series, the mighty Triceratops adorns our latest sour beer; a blackcurrant & lime Gose laced with Wild Card favourite, the sorrel flower.

Anna Borup is an artist living in East London. In her work, she uses a bold colour palette, with a focus on surreal compositions which feature animals and nature.