About Us

Pooky's Deli is an independent cafe and deli in the burbs of Horsforth.

Once you fall in love with food, it's a lifelong romance.  Anna and Chris decided to make the commitment to food full-time with a vision of a deli that explores, creates and shares good food and drink so that others can experience that same feeling. Again and again.....

Pooky's vision is to make and sell a rich diverse range of high quality delicious food and drink. We want to make every visit feel like a date....be excited! There is always going to be something to look forward to. What is it that you simply can't get enough of? 

Pooky's values stand for high quality food and sustainable food production practices.  We have strong relationships with our suppliers who care about what they are making and want their produce to be the best it can possibly be. When we cook from scratch using high quality ingredients, we set out to make them even greater than the sum of their parts.