Christmas Cheese Orders

This year we are stocking a mixture of the favourites which you know and love alongside some new additions to the deli which we are really excited about!

The full list of cheeses availabe is below and there is only a limited amount so please order as soon as possible to guarantee your cheeseboard selection.

To order please email with the following information:

  • Name
  • Contact number
  • Collection date
  • Cheeses - by weight or if truckles by quantity


Your cheese will be cut the day before your nominated collection date and wrapped in waxed cheese paper which allows it to breath. For optimum care, keep it in a sealed box (e.g. tupperware with lid on) in the fridge so that the air in the fridge doesn't dry it out. Take your cheese out of the fridge at least 1 hour before you intend to eat it.


CHEESE REGION Milk Pasteurised Rennet
Admiral Collingwood Northumberland Cow UnP Animal
Baron Bigod Suffolk Cow Unp Animal

Bluemin white (170g truckle)

Yorkshire Cow P Vegetarian
Brie de Meaux Dongé France Cow Unp Animal
Brie Royal Aux Truffes  France Cow P Animal
Cornish Truffle Brie (170g truckle) France Cow Unp Animal
Delice de Bourgogne France Cow P Animal
Langres France Cow UnP Animal
Munster France Cow UnP Animal
Smoked Brie Ireland Cow P Vegetarian
Gubbeen Ireland Cow P Animal
Stinking Bishop Gloucestershire Cow P Vegetarian
Tunworth Hampshire Cow P Animal
Vacherin Mont d'or France Cow Unp Animal
Waterloo Berkshire Cow Unp Vegetarian
Wigmore Berkshire Cow Unp Vegetarian
Blue Monday Yorkshire Cow P Vegetarian
Colston Bassett Nottinghamshire Cow P Vegetarian
Cote Hill Blue Lincolnshire Cow Unp Vegetarian
Lanark Blue Scotland Sheep Unp Vegetarian
Leeds Blue Yorkshire Sheep P Vegetarian
Mrs Bells Blue  Yorkshire Sheep P Vegetarian
Smoked Stilton Leicestershire Cow P Vegetarian
Appleby's Clothbound Cheshire Cheshire Cow Unp Vegetarian
Cotherstone Farmhouse Durham Cow P Vegetarian
Fellstone Yorkshire Cow Unp Animal
King Richard III clothbound Yorkshire Cow P Vegetarian
Mayfield Sussex Cow P Vegetarian
Mrs Kirkham's Lancashire Lancashire Cow Unp Animal
Sparkenhoe Leicestershire Cow Unp Animal
Wensleydale Kit Calvert Yorkshire Cow P Animal
Yarg Cornwall Cow P Vegetarian
Dale end cheddar Yorkshire Cow Unp Vegetarian
Fountains Gold (200g) Yorkshire Cow P Vegetarian
Isle of Mull Scotland Cow Unp Animal
Lincolnshire Poacher smoked Lincolnshire Cow Unp Animal
Montgomery Farmhouse Somerset Cow Unp Animal
Pitchfork 12 months Somerset Cow Unp Animal
Snowdonia black bomber (cut and truckles) Wales Cow P Vegetarian
True Grit Lancashire Cow P Vegetarian
Comté St Antoine France Cow Unp Animal
Manchego Spain Sheep P Animal
Morbiers France Cow Unp Animal
Dorstone Herefordshire Goats P Animal
Rachel  Somerset Goats Unp Vegetarian
Ribblesdale Superior Yorkshire Goats P Vegetarian
Selles sur cher France Goats UnP Animal
Valencay France Goats UnP Animal
Char Coal cheddar Yorkshire Cow P Vegetarian
Char Coal cheddar - smoked Yorkshire Cow P Vegetarian
Gouda Fenugreek Holland Cow P Animal
Gouda Rosso (sundried tomato pesto) Holland Cow P Animal
Gouda Truffo (truffle) Holland Cow P Animal
Snowdonia Truffle trove Wales Cow P Vegetarian
Wensleydale mince pie Yorkshire Cow P Vegetarian
Wensleydale orange & champagne Yorkshire Cow P Vegetarian
Wensleydale winter warmer Yorkshire Cow P Vegetarian
Quince paste Spain - - -