Comté PDO


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Cow. Rennet. Unpasteurised.

One of the most popular cheeses in France and deservedly so.

It looks, smells and tastes of alpine hillsides... the colour varies from golden yellow to brown depending upon the conditions of the cellar in which it is matured. It is a cheese with a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) which amongst other things signifies that it has to be made with raw milk from the regional cows fed on the pastures of the Jura, and has to be matured for at least four months.

A delightful length and depth of flavour; sweet caramelised onion, rich nuttiness and even some more savoury meaty and vegetal notes. The texture is creamy, dense and smooth with an occasional protein crystal crunch.

Pairs with Belgian beers beautifully, especially the fabulous Westmalle Dubbel. Also matches with a wide range of red and white wines.

For white, we recommend a lovely Sancerre by Eric Louis and for red we recommend a fairly young organic Cabernet Sauvignon from Adobe in Chile