Yorkshire Spring Honey


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During the spring, bees forage on the vivid yellow fields of oilseed rape, as well as apple and cherry blossom and wild flowers such as crocus, dandelions and bluebells. This Pure Yorkshire Spring Honey has a mild, creamy flavour and is naturally set. It’s delicious eaten by the spoonful, as a natural sweetener in tea or to make a round of sticky honey sandwiches.

Denholme Gate Farm near Bradford have hives all around West Yorkshire and also work with other Yorkshire beekeepers to ensure a plentiful supply of quality Yorkshire honey. The bees forage upon the distinctive flavours of the seasonal plants grown around the county. In spring they feed on wildflowers and tree nectars making a set honey, in summer the bees are feeding on blossoms and make a golden, runny honey and in August the bees travel up to the Yorkshire moors to feast on the heather crop creating a rich, caramel flavoured honey.

Andy and Julia are dedicated to helping preserve the natural Yorkshire habitats that support their bees and help to shape the distinct and delicious flavours of their honey. They work with local landowners to ensure they site their hives where the bees can help with pollination and increase and preserve natural wild flowers and heathland.