Wensleydale Kit Calvert


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Approx 120g

Cow. Rennet. Pasteurised.

A handcrafted buttery, creamy textured cheese, with a natural rind.

Wensleydale is undoubtedly a Yorkshire cheese (make sure you avoid any supermarket version that doesn't specify the word Yorkshire) and has been around since the 12th century, when those French Cisteran monks came to these parts.

Kit Calvert is named after the Yorkhire businessman who saved the Creamery from closure back in the 1930s and the recipe is based upon a farmhouse recipe, with less starter culture so the cheese take much longer to make and clothbound for its maturation.  These means the final products is a softer and creamier textured cheese, which is markedly different to the bright, creamy, crumbly textured Wensleydale most people are familiar with.

Other fantastic Wensleydales we also stock from time to time include Old Roan and King Richard III.