Gourmet Popcorn gift box


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This beautifully presented gift box contains 6 different bags of popping corn which makes 6 large bowls or 12 portions.

Fun times in the popcorn bowl while you watch E.T / Gremlins / It's a Wonderful Life (delete as applicable)

ZaraMama is the Incan goddess of grain. Her name means 'Grain Mother', and she was sometimes incarnated in fields of corn in a robe and shawl with a silver clasp. Corn effigies of ZaraMama were hung on willow trees then burned, assuring a bountiful crop of corn.

Zaramama work directly with growers producing these special varieties of popping corn. Each kernel has its own unique colour, taste and texture. No additives, colourants or flavouring are used and all their corn is 100% GMO FREE