Brie de Meaux


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Cows. Rennet. Unpasteurised.

Quite simply, a classic and exquisite cheese. Made traditionally in the very large flat wheel shape with raw cow's milk from the region south of Paris and then ripened further south. A fabulous full-flavoured Brie with a plump, smooth paste.
Brie has a creamy milk and rich taste underlined by sweet and buttery flavours of mushrooms or truffles and almonds.
Named after the town of Meaux, produced in the region of Brie, located 50 kilometers to the east of Paris. Evidence in the chronicles of Charlemagne suggests the tasting of Brie by the Emperor in the year 774. It is also said, Louis XVI last wish was a tasting of Brie cheese. In 1814, the European Tournament at Congress of Vienna, awarded Brie de Meaux the "Le Roi des Fromages" (The King of Cheeses) for its unarguable flavour and texture.
As the cheese ages, the rind develops red or brown patches. When nearly half of the straw coloured paste is ripe and soft, it indicates Brie de Meaux is ready for consumption.

The cheese pairs perfectly with Champagne, rosé, or a lighter red like Bordeaux or Burgundy.  As it's Christmas we recommend Italy's finest rosé fizz, Ferghettina Franciacorta Milledi Brut Rosé

Available as 150g, 250g, 350g and 500g pieces.

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Your cheese will be cut the day before your nominated collection date and wrapped in waxed cheese paper which allows it to breath. For optimum care, keep it in a sealed box (e.g. tupperware with lid on) in the fridge so that the air in the fridge doesn't dry it out. Take your cheese out of the fridge at least 2 hours before you intend to eat it.