Delice des Crèmiers


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Cows Milk, Pasteurised, Rennet

The cheese is made by blending full fat cow's milk with crème fraîche to create an incredibly delicious soft cheese with a rich creamy, buttery flavour and a smooth, melt-in-the-mouth texture. With a slightly tangy finish, this cheese is similar to Brillat-Savarin.
Unlike many simple triple crème cheeses, Délice de Bourgogne (aka Délice de cremiers) has a white, bloomy and pungent rind because of the Penicilium Candidum mold. The mushroomy aroma of thin rind adds a playful contrast to the rich, creamy, buttery and tangy notes of the interior.

This high fat cheese pairs very well with Champagne or Ciders and Wheat Beers.

This cheese is only available as part of the Cheeseboard.